The Mariner Trench Army

Protecting the NationStates community from Nazis and Fascists since 2004

Anti-Nazi/Fascist Warriors

Founded on, June 22nd 2003.

10,994 kilometers under the see, the people of Mariner Trenchan ancient multicultural civilization, thrived for thousands of years, living a privileged and free life.

With the rise of the Nazi Party/Fascism, the world sunk into a spiral of hate, oppression and intolerance.

We took the responsibility upon ourselves to try and better the lives of those worldwide, our entire population was concerted into mighty Anti-Nazi/Fascist Warriors.

We became known as The MT Army, the godfathers/mothers of Anti-Nazi/Fascism military action on NationStates.


From 2004-2006 The MT Army became known as an unstoppable Anti-Nazi/Fascist war machine, of which succeeded in taking and re-founding over 183 Nazi/Fascist/Dictatorship lead/controlled regions. In addition to this tally are numerous regions The MT Army defended against Nazi/Fascist hate fueled invasions.

Over time the beaten and battered Nazis/Fascists lost their intensity, no longer invading innocent regions and unable to mount effective defenses for their own. The MT Army found ourselves in a hard fought winning position. The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33's faithful army, satisfied with the impact they had made, felt it was time to leave, one by one they all retired from NationStates.


The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33 was awoken from his slumber in July 2012, the Nazi/Fascist threat had regrouped and returned once again causing mayhem, destruction and spreading hate to the innocent regions and nations across NationStates.

Many of the original Anti-Fascist Warriors of The MT Army heard The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33 rally call, noticing the new Nazi threat, and returned to NationStates, to fight alongside the third generation of Anti-Nazi/Fascist warriors, the collectivist nations and regions of Antifa.

Within the next 11 months The MT Army openly invaded twelve Nazi/Fascist regions, turned two hundred and twenty two Nazi/Fascist regions into museums against hate/intolerance and assisted/protected fifteen regions against Nazi/Fascist attack.

On the 22nd of June, 2013, The MT Army's 10 year anniversary, The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33, satisfied with their significant contribution to the fight, once again retired his army from active duty.

Our return reminded old and surprised new enemies why they should fear The MT Army!!!


Spawned from his desire to rebuild and unite the slumbering Antifascist action within NationStates, The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33 reformed The MT Army on 26.04.2014 and took command of Antifa.

A total of 13 Anti-Fascist themed regions were united as one under the Antifa banner to stem the resurgence of the Nazi/Fascist threat which had been slowly building over 6 months.

Operation UNITY was an astounding success and returned Antifascist action to the forefront of NationStates game-play.

The Nazi/Fascists were broken and battered once again. The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33 retired The MT Army for the third time on 28.08.2014.


The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33: "The Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Dictatorship and corrupt nations/regions throughout NationStates deserve no respite. There is no surrender, no retreat for they do not deserve such. Role player or genuine, normalizing and accepting a hateful ideology is not the way for humanity to progress. As quoted from “Any Given Sunday” “life is a game of inches”, NationStates is no different. When we add up all those Fascist regions we have liberated, when we see all those regions we saved from fascist aggression. It will be the difference between winning and losing, freedom and slavery, progression and regression.

There are now over two thousand regions on NationStates that carry the Anti-Fascist tag, which goes to show how many like minded individuals there are sharing the load to help stamp out fascism for good. It is with this new generation of Anti-Fascist fighters that I give my full support too. It is these brave men and women carrying the torch, continuing to fighting the good fight, whom have my respect and gratitude. What more noble way to play NationStates?"

Stand up and fight racism, intolerance and hate, we are all one people!













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